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The Messengers Season 1

A mysterious object plummets to Earth, sending out a shock wave that causes five strangers to perish, only to miraculously come back to life moments later. The group includes Vera, a struggling radio-astronomer searching for her missing son; Erin, a young mother desperate to protect her seven year old daughter from an abusive ex-husband; Peter, a troubled high school student; Raul, a federal agent looking to escape his dangerous and violent undercover assignment; and Joshua, a charismatic second-generation televangelist. Most mysterious of all is the figure known only as The Man, who offers Vera the one thing she wants most in life - if she will help him with one morally complicated task which puts her on a collision course with Rose, a nurse who has been in a coma for seven years. Drawn together by fate and biblical prophecy, the "Messengers" soon learn they have supernatural gifts that might be the only hope for preventing the impending Rapture.